ホウダン AJカバー 2 Black/White


550 yen (without tax: 500 yen)

Navigator N-LP、Edwards E-LP シリーズ用のトラスロッドカバー。

  • Scott Whittaker より:

    I need a truss rod cover for my E-LW-135M

    Hello do you speak English? I need a truss rod cover for my E-LW-135M. It never had one from the factory. Can I obtain this from you? I am in Sydney, Australia. Thankyou

    • ESP Overseas Dept. より:

      Hello Scott,
      Thank you for purchasing E-LW-135M.
      We are not able to deal with customers directly, so please ask for help to the shop you purchased it.
      Thank you for your understanding.


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